Why the South Carolina Seafood Alliance needs our support!

Today, buying local means more than ever before. Your choice makes a big difference in our Lowcountry community.

South Carolina Seafood Alliance
The mission of the South Carolina Seafood Alliance is to increase the production and consumption of fresh local seafood. The success of this mission will depend on the Alliance's ability to manage and prioritize its resources.
Initially, they must create a single, strong voice for the South Carolina seafood industry. This single unified voice will resonate with the government, regulators, media, and members of our community.
The object is to reach a critical mass of support from industry and concerned citizens that calls for recognition of the fact that 91% of all seafood consumed in the U. S. is imported, resulting in a $14 billion trade deficit.
In addition to creating a single, strong voice for the seafood industry, your financial support and membership in the Alliance provide you with access to information and influence over decisions that affect your ability to source fresh local seafood.

Pledge to #ShrimpLocal and show some love for our white boot heroes. 

  •  Create Financial Stability for the South Carolina Seafood Alliance by execution of pertinent strategic financial goals/objective.
  •   Energize South Carolina Seafood Alliance Board of Directors for consistent leadership and financial commitment.
  •   Intitiate Fund Raising strategic direction.
  •   Maximize relationships with educational institutions for R & D academic and industry support awareness.
  •   Develop contact anoundaries.d educate Legislative leaders at state government in South Carolina.
  •   Engage all links of supply chain for seafood within South Carolina



  •    Meet with board members, dues/assignments.
  •    Launch fund raising activity via appropriate channels.
  •    Analyze financial support and opportunity from city, county, state and national levels.
  •    Develop priority list for lobby activity and research most supportive Legislators.
  •    Identify educational;/institution target list for support, ie Clemson, Auburn, NC State, etc.
  •    Aawareness campaign for Certified South Carolina Seafood at dock, distributor, restaurant and consumer level.
  •   The following tactics will be in play to execute overall strategies that support goal attainment, time frame is January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021.
  •    In person meetings with each Board of Director members.
  •    Request financial support from identified cities, counties, state and national levels via email from Executive Director, followed by phone, you tube, and instagram activity.
  •    In person meetings with Legislative targets at sate house and home offices.
  •    Ready website to promote South Carolina Seafood, to current FOTM, foodservice distributors, chef ambassadors, educational institutions and consumers.
  •    Develop social media program utilizing face book, you tube, to launch fund raising efforts.
  •    Special events, Agribiz.


To learn more about this organization and how you can join, please visit them online at https://www.southcarolinaseafood.org or follow👇 on Facebook.

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